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microRNAs, Messenger RNAs, and their Diagnostic Value

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microRNAs, Messenger RNAs, and their Diagnostic Value

mRNAs biomarkers are commonly used in science and medicine, but the diagnostic value of microRNAs are quickly gaining ground.

miRNA Primer: Gene Expression

microRNAs play a significant role as regulators of gene expression. But what can they tell us about a patient’s endometrial conditions?

Most Common Reasons to Freeze your Eggs

The choice to freeze your eggs gives you the chance to make decisions about growing your family later in life. There are many reasons to freeze your eggs that go beyond age-related fertility decline

IVF vs. IUI: What are the Differences

Learn the differences between in vitro fertilization and intrauterine insemination and how each treatment fits into your fertility journey.

Relationships and the IVF Process

IVF can put strain on even the strongest of relationships. Find out about common communication breakdowns and where to find the support you need.

Coping with the Expense of Fertility Treatments

Fertility treatment can be costly. It’s best to start planning your finances early so that you’re prepared when unexpected costs come up.

How Embryo Quality Affects Your Chance of Conception 

When it comes time to choose your embryos, understanding how embryo quality impacts implantation will help you make informed choices.

Infertility Counselling and Support: When and Where to Find It

Mental-health challenges are common during infertility treatment. This piece offers resources and advice on dealing with depression and anxiety during IVF.

Supporting Your IVF Journey: Mindfulness, Meditation, and Acupuncture

Reducing stress is linked to better outcomes with IVF. Learn how complimentary treatments like infertility acupuncture can help you manage stress.

Managing a Career While Undergoing IVF

Managing a Career While Undergoing IVF Once you’ve come to terms with the fact that in vitro fertilization (IVF) is an expensive and time-consuming process for everyone, you can move on to embracing your career goals while undergoing treatment. Most […]

Preparing Your Uterine Lining for Embryo Implantation

Learn how preparing your uterine lining and ensuring peak endometrial receptivity can improve your chances of getting pregnant.

IVF LAB 101: pH (Acid/Base)

Balancing pH in the IVF Lab Welcome to the first post of IVF Lab 101! I’m Dr. Barry Behr, and these bite-sized blog posts are aimed at demystifying what happens in the IVF lab. Critical parts of the IVF process […]